Will Nguyen


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  • (2010-2014) Tran Dai Nghia High School for the Gifted, Vietnam (elementary): graduated grade 8.3/10 average.
  • (2014-2017) Nguyen Thuong Hien High School, Vietnam: maintained an 8.2/10 average all classes before immigrating to Canada.
  • (2017-2019) Finished secondary education in The Woodlands Highschool, Canada with both transfer and earned credits.
  • (2019-present) Studying Architectural Technology Undergraduate Diploma at Sheridan College, Canada in a three-year program.
  • Language: Completed ENG4U0 course in The Woodlands High.


  • Born and raised in Vietnam, moved to Canada. Fluent in both Vietnamese (mother tongue) and English (second language). Can understand French.
  • Gifted in hand drawing, freehand sketching, both artistically and professionally.
  • Can provide working and presentation drawings in an architectural project.
  • Understand both 2d and 3d modeling, experienced in modeling software such as AutoCAD and Sketchup.
  • Experienced in Building Information Modeling with Revit, constantly practiced through Undergraduate Program.
  • Comfortable with post-production using Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Understand the basic principles of web-design. Can design a webpage with Dreamweaver.
  • Fluent in office applications such as Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Can comfortably present and communicate in both English and Vietnamese.
  • Trained in building materials and strength of materials.
  • Have knowledge in project planning, estimating, and project management.
  • Understand the Ontario Building Code, all Divisions and Sections, and how to look them up.
  • Trained in health and safety procedures in a construction site.

Work Experience

  • Currently a full-time student at Sheridan College, going to graduate by 2023.
  • Have worked in actual construction, building renovation, and install cladding.
  • (2019-2021) Customer Service at Pizza Pizza Dundas, Mississauga.
  • (2017-2019) Customer Service at Pho Mi 99 Restaurant, Grand Park Drive, Mississauga.
  • Have 46 hours volunteering in community services.


  • Drawing, either portraits or landscape, character design or simply just to capture a spectacular moment.
  • Heavily inspired by Gothic style and culture like H.P Lovecraft or Victorian Horror. Particularly interested in Gothic architecture elements such as Grand Cathedrals, flying buttresses, overly decorated fences, building structure symmetry, etc., they are hauntingly beautiful to witness. In fact, their influent often reflects on my design.
  • Like to watch and play sports, especially soccer when it’s not freezing.
  • Reading medieval fantasies, fascinated by their fictional world-building.
  • Love listening to music from the “hippies’ era” 60s, 70s. Bands like Beatles, Queen, King Crimson, Pink Floyd have all made their name and widely considered epitomes of rock and roll, still today.

Downloadable resume:

Download: willnguyen-resume