Paisley Mill

This adaptive reuse of the Paisley Mill silo aims to reflect the people, the history, and the environment; preserving the original look of the historic mill and fusing it with modern sustainable features that mirror the surroundings. Echoing the mill's past as a granary, then craft shop, the silo will provide a café-bakery and art gallery to Paisley.

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Queen Street West

Located in a historic district within walking distance of most amenities, this apartment was designed as an in-fill building, with the proposed site in downtown Toronto. It is on a corner facing a busy street and backs onto a laneway serving low-rise housing to the rear. The exterior design focuses on mimicking the nearby Victorian buildings and adding modern accents.

Completed with Marian Sabra.

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Sunrise Street

A proposed renovation for a mid-sized two-storey home in East Gwillimbury, Ontario. The clients wished to reconfigure the circulation of their home and construct an addition above their garage for another bedroom for their family.

Completed with Opeoluwa Ale.

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