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The Hive The Hill House The Ohi Residence



The Hive

This building was designed using Habitat 67 as inspiration. This building utilizes hexagonal modules as a means to introduce more sunlight and views to the building, which in turn decreases energy costs as well as improves quality of life. The step back pattern seen on the building was intended to create a sense of community and allow interaction between different floor levels of the building.

The Hill House

The Hill House was created based on a architectural project, where they wanted a remote work cabin. This project was intended to be a remote work cabin that blended in with nature, thus we create the cabin in the shape of a hill. It was also intended to show the concept of play within architecture. This house also features large glass openings on the front and rear of the cabin which allows for a near full view of the surrounding environment.

The Ohi Residence

The Ohi Residence is a renovatino project located in Mississauga, ON. The clients asked for a balcony in the back and an addition placed over the garage. They also requested a remodeling of the porch to increase the aesthetic value from the street. As requested the balcony was placed in south to allow more sunlight to the balcony as well to provide privacy as it is located facing the backyard. The space over the garage turned into guest bedrooms and the porch is now a covered exterior porch as to the recessed porch they previously had.






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