“Preservation is simply having the good sense to hold on to things that are well designed, that links us with our past in a meaningful way, and that have a plenty of good left in them”.

The main intent of the reuse is to engage community and heritage restoration by making use of the empty silo part of the Paisley Mills. The exterior form of the silo building will be preserved to the maximum possible extent. The major changes are made to the east elevation in order to increase the amount of natural light in the structure and to make the existing structure visually appealing.The proposal is that of a café on the ground floor which would serve the purpose of community interaction. The existing columns and exterior walls to remain while some minor components like windows to be demolished on all the floors.. The second floor is designed to be a mezzanine space with no fixed partitions. The idea is that every week different booths(photo/sketch booths etc.) will be set up here and the funds raised will be contributed to charity. The third floor of the silo building is designed to serve the purpose of a library and the mill archive which will in turn serve the purpose of heritage restoration. Outdoor terrace spaces are provided to all the floors to the north of the building.

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"Work, love, and play are the great balance wheels of man's being."-Orison Swett Marden

This project was created for the class of Studio in semester 5 in a team of two . Our concept for this Queen St West mixed use Commercial / Residential property was based on our intent to balance the premium commercial space on a main arterial avenue, the environmental needs of a modern building, and of course the needs of the potential residents of a metropolitan city’s downtown area.The main factors that played a prominent role in the development of the massing were the solar path and our attempt to create a good co-relation between interior and exterior spaces all while following the zoning restrictions and building codes.

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“We shape our buildings: Thereafter, they shape us.” -Winston Churchill

The proposed building is a Fire Station located at the Ninth-Line, Mississauga, ON with an area of 1267.53-meter squares. This building is designed to serve multiple purposes. It is mainly divided into three parts, and they can be classified as the office area, the residential area and the operational area. The main intentions of this design were to provide a homely environment and a comfortable working space for the fire personnel. To reduce the environmental impact of the building and making the project site an accessible community attraction was also one of the main goals. One of the other main objectives was to introduce a semi-public transitional space by improving the interior environment by giving value to daylight and ventilation.

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