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Architectural Visualization




     For this project, we were each given the task to choose a design competition, and follow the requirements given to us to create a building that is visually stunning. Within my competition, we were challenged to create a form that would bring people together in a way to socialize and reconnect on a human level, instead of through technology. I used the campfire as an inspiration, as it is one of the oldest elements that brings people together at the end of the day. People often use campfires to socialize, through telling stories and proposing ideas.  The Ember Pavilion is the reinterpretation of a campfire using a building form. The light emitting from the pavilion gives the appearance of light from a fire or an ember. The pavilion also offers users the typical feelings associated with a campfire – safety, warmth, and a sense of home.


Studio 6





     For this project, we were challenged to create a retirement residence in an extremely busy urban neighbourhood. The corner of Square One Shopping Centre, now known as the Food District, is the perfect parcel of land for this project as many seniors get up early each morning to walk the hallways of their local malls before they open. This site included many challenges, including how to mitigate and redirect traffic from the public, how to properly grade and design an adjacent park, as well as how to deal with the existing building footprint in a way that created a new, unique, mid-rise retirement home.


Building Renovations

     For this project, we were given the opportunity to work with a client, and evolve their ideas into a real-world renovation and addition project. The house that I worked on was a one and a half storey house located in Burlington, Ontario. It was located on a quiet street with minimal noise. The client was interested in adding a second storey, and reconfiguring the existing layout of the home, including updating the finishes.