Forest Cottage FLUX Lofts The Buckle Home David Small Technical Acrylic Paintings

Forest Cottage - Architectural Visualization

A purely conceptual exercise, the goal was to create high-quality architectural renderings which communicated the intent of an original design, done with the intent of entering a specific, predetermined architectural competition.


FLUX Lofts - Artist Live/Work Loft

An experiment in urban design as well as architecture, the task was to create a building that integrated with Toronto's lively, creative and ever-changing area of West Queen West as well as made a statement on the otherwise low-rise, historic block.


The Buckle Home Renovation

This project was based on a real-life home, and involved generating the design drawings for an extensive renovation. The process included meetings with clients, a site measure and corresponding as-built drawings, as well as the final design presentation and some select technical.


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David Small Designs - Technical Work

During a third and final co-op term (after finishing the two-year technician program), these working drawings were generated at the office, after obtaining the design work from the corresponding department. Included are a selection of drawings from projects on which I acted as primary technician.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These drawings are pre-review, property of David Small Designs and are not for construction. Certain private and/or proprietary information has been red-acted to protect the interests of clients and DSD. Only image files have been posted for the same reason. Thank you for your understanding.


Acrylic Paintings

Personal artwork generated in spare time, all in the acrylic medium and on large-scale canvas (24"x30" and larger).