Image of technical skillsets and how proficiency in each category
  • Over two years of experience working as a general contractor in residential construction, building and renovating single family houses
  • Worked with a large variety of subcontractors meeting quality and scheduling deadlines
  • Experience managing various projects including construction, marketing campaigns, and social events
  • Knowledge and understanding of construction processes and ability to ensure material takeoffs estimated are highly accurate
  • Successfully demonstrates ability to learn both hard skills and soft skills quickly to perform any job


Image of what school I went to and when I graduated. I Graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2011 with a Bachelor of Mathematics. I graduated again wtih an Advanced Diploma of Architectural Technology in 2021.
Solar Engineering Student
PCL Construction; Toronto, ON
September 2020 - Present
  • Developed site plan layouts for solar farms across Canada, USA and Australia that met the client's requirements for megawatts generation, land-use restrictions, profitability goals, and government constraints
  • Designed solar farm ranging from 10MW to 400+ MW in size, optimizing site layout to increase overbuild and performance to secure large contracts
  • Accelerated projects by verifying 90% construction drawings and worked alongside electrical engineers, civil engineers and the project management team to quality check the designs
  • Developed pivot tables and excel formats to review the impact of shading on energy production performance and providing additional analytics for optimizing tracker positioning and minimizing cut-fill
  • Worked to standardized AutoCAD layouts and site nomenclature
Estimating Student
PCL Construction; Toronto, ON
January 2020 – April 2020
  • Worked alongside Lead Estimators to complete quantity takeoffs and pricing of structural components, concrete, finishes, and specialty equipment to produce accurate numeration for budgets
  • Worked under time constraints to develop estimates that are accurate by using techniques such as historical GBA data, similar project comparison, and personal experience
  • Worked on different project types including high-rise condominiums, amphitheaters, and libraries, gaining critical experience in reviewing architectural drawings, specifications, and quoting special featured components
  • Coordinated with various subtrades to gather bids and unit prices to develop a reliable budget
  • Assisted in completing RECAP and RFP submission documents ensuring information is clear, accurate and complete
General Contractor
18 Gauge Construction; Toronto, ON
January 2016 – December 2018
  • Completed framing, plumbing, and finishing work on new construction projects and home renovations
  • Accurately calculated material quantities of various jobs to ensure materials were readily available
  • Worked with HVAC, Electrical, and Concrete subcontractors to ensure that jobs were completed to the required quality and completed within tight deadlines
  • Adapted to unexpected renovation problems and provided solutions that reduced unexpected costs and delays in construction time
Front Desk Staff/Climbing Instructor
Hub Climbing Mississauga, Mississauga, ON
January 2019 – March 2021
  • Performed point of sale (POS) transaction and generated positive sale growth through upselling memberships
  • Provided excellent customer service and facilitated the growth of the gym’s community
  • Instructed beginner rock climbers, providing training to ensure climbing safety is upheld
  • Developed training modules and supervised new team members to reduced onboard time