Paisley Mill Project - Semester 6 Studio

Connor Preston

One Project of Mine is the Paisley Mill in Brockton Ontario. This project is a repurpose of the heritage building. I have chosen to turn the empty skeleton into a bustling cafe and Library for employment opportunities for the elderly as well as a community place for people to meet, grab a drink and hangout.


Floor Plans
South Elevation
Library Render
Cafe Render
Library View Render

Low Rise Condo Project - Semester 5 Studio

Connor Preston

This is a Low rise condominium designed to sit on a corner lot located at Queen St and Fenning St in Toronto Canada. The building was a creative design but followed a simple contemporary aesthetic. This was a very fun project as it had little to no parameters to follow except for the building code.


Ground Floor Plan
Site Plan
Fenning ST. Render
Queen ST. Render
Interior Render


Firestation Project- Semester 4 Studio

Connor Preston

This Fire station situated in Mississauga is a quaint and homely firestation. It was the first project where I learned rendering techniques so there is a lot of time and effort going into the small details of the landscape and the materials used.


Meeting Room