Joshua Quon

Architectural Technologlist In Training

Studio 6 - Paisley Mill

The original building served as a flour mill in 1854, it is over 160 years of rich history and has survived everything from floods to fires. The building is a heavy timber structure with columns and beams from trees near the site. Preserving the original timber structure is vital to maintaining its historic value.

Studio 5 - Bosk Loft

Mid Rise Building: Design a mixed-use residential building in downtown Toronto, the project includes retail on the ground floor and residential on upper floors. Intention was to design sustainable communal living with an emphasis on social spaces while incorporating good views, permeable features, passive and active energy and water efficiency reduction on heat island effect and reduce over shadowing.


Architectural Renovations

Residential Renovations: This development and presentation of a house renovation for a real client. Located in Scarborough, my client requested to turn his 1 storey home into a 2 storey home, open concept main floor and balcony.

Studio 4 - Emergency Response Station

Ninthline - Fire Station 101: This project is the development and design of a fire station intended to be built in Mississauga. The main goal was to improve accessibility from one section of the building to another while keeping hot and cold areas separate, in turn improving the health and longevity of workers.