The Old Mill Reuse Architectural Visualization Kelly Cabin Renovation Fire Station #09

The Old Mill

Architectural Studio 6 Directed by Justin Loucks Winter 2022

Summary: In my sixth semester, students were tasked to adaptively reuse an old mill known as the Paisley Mill. The concept with my reuse was to create a space to expand and further, develop the community of Paisley whilst respecting the forms and materials of the original building. the proposed reuse uses similar materials to that of the existing mill to create a sense of harmony with both the existing and proposed forms.

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Architectural Visualization Projects

Architectural Visulization Directed by Adrian Bica Winter 2022

Summary: In my sixth semester, students were tasked with various visualization projects to further enhance their architectural visualization skills. The first set of visualization projects was tied in with the region of Halton and their future road widening plans. They supplied students with the task to create intriguing sets of post-produced renders for their road widening plans. The second set of projects dealt with the creation of a project based on a real skill competition. I decided to design my building based on the glamping project and created a building that had a unique shape and that is in tune with the nature surrounding it.


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Kelly Cabin Renovation

Building Renovations Directed by Dragan Acimovic Fall 2021

Summary: In my fifth semester, students were tasked to find a client and help propose a renovation for that client. With this task me and my partner met with our client on a regular basis and completed multiple on-site measurements to help fit the renovation to their needs. The client wanted a redesign and better space allocation for the project whilst keeping a similar look and feel for their property, this was my proposal for the renovation.

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Fire Station #09

Architectural Studio 4 Directed by Vito Picicci & Daniel Rafique Summer 2021

Summary: In my fourth semester, students were tasked with proposing a new fire station off of ninth line. The main idea with the fire station I worked on was to create an appealing looking building from the outside so it wouldn't impede the surrounding neighbourhood whilst also making the interior function efficiently. We also designed landscaping such as a park and bike path to further help tie in the fire station with the neighbouring community.

View Fire Station #09 Drawing Package

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