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My name is Peter Reppas and I am an Architectural Technologist with experience in both commercial and residential architecture. I have strong skills in drafting with Revit and AutoCAD and can produce various types of drawings ranging from working drawings to 3D modelling and rendering.

I have graduated from Sheridan College. I now hope to apply my extensive knowledge of drafting, modelling, and production skills to any full-time job opportunity.

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• Proficient with Revit, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and Excel.
• Kowledge of Architectural Visulization techniques using Lumion and Adobe Photoshop.
• Able to prepare working drawings and develop a graphic presentation.
• Demonstrates the ability to apply the requirements of the OBC to the design process.
• Capable to work effective and efficiently indivudually or within a group enviroment.
• Adaptable to fast-paced working enviroments.

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Architectural Technology
Advanced Diploma • Spring 2022
Sheridan College, Mississauga

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Time Keeper • Old Stars Hockey
Oct. 2015 - 2017, Milton, Ontario

I worked as a timekeeper for the Milton Old Stars Hockey Club seasonally for four years. My work was not limited to just timekeeping, I also assisted in moving various equipment and furniture as well as assisting in the distribution of food and beverages to donators.

Winner of Sheridan Architecture Skills Competition • Sheridan Wide Competition
Aprill 2022

I came first at Sheridan Colleges Architecture Skills Competition. This competition tested both my Revit drafting skills as well as my creative thinking. I had to recreate an office building in Revit as well as incorperate specific rooms with size limits into my design. I also had to make sure the projects met the specific requirements of FADS.

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Technical Skills

Drafting Modelling Production
Revit Lumion Photoshop
AutoCAD Enscape Illustrator
  SketchUp InDesign

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Paisley Mill Adaptive Reuse (2022)
• Proposed an adaptive reuse of the Paisley Mill.
• Drawings were produced using Revit.
• Design properly conforms to OBC requirements.

Renovation Project (2021)
• Proposed a renovation for a cottage for the Kelly family.
• Created schematic plans for the existing and proposed building.
• Drawings were produced with Revit.
• Design proposal package was presented to the homeowners.

1056 Queen St. West Condo (2021)
• Designed a 5-storey mixed use condo on 1056 Queen St. West.
• All drawings were produced using Revit.
• OBC was used to guide the overall design process.

Mississuaga Fire Station (2021)
• Designed a new fire station for a site on Ninth Line, Mississuaga.
• Drawings were produced using AutoCAD and Revit.
• Lumion as used to render the 3D model created using Revit.
• Video package was produced for the fire station.

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