I am Sirjan Rishi and I hail from Shimla which was also known as the summer capital of India under the British rule. My town has endowed me the opportunity to witness the best of both worlds, with its rich architectural heritage owing to its colonial past as well as the local styles of building and design, which propelled me to pursue architecture.

I am currently completing my last semester of Architectural Technology at Sheridan College. I am awed by the intricacies and details that go into creating a design and how buildings and homes have come to define not only people and their styles, but eras and cultures across the globe.

I feel the word meraki reflects how I seek to evolve as an architect in the future. Meraki in Greek means to leave a piece of yourself in your creations and I aim to erect establishments that I pour my heart and soul into which will hopefully be reflected in the form of the beauty, comfort and joy people receive by my work.