Sean Robinson

Cell: 647-640-8736

Paisley Mill

Design Intent

In my opinion, adaptive reuse projects should not create a new building but often do. The whole point should be to amplify the original design intent for the building, but obviously still have a use in today’s society. My design for the Paisley Mill proposed adaptive reuse project is mainly focused on improving the buildings sustainability/efficiency and creating multi-use spaces for businesses as well as the town to use. My design makes use of refinishing the original heavy timber beams and columns as well as brightening up the interior with large windows. The current space is dusty, and almost completely closed in with no windows. Proper ventilation on all levels of this building is a MUST. The exterior walls will be refinished to look like the original design on the outside, as well as leaving a small air gap with strapping and additional rigid insulation to provide a better R-Value than before.