About Me and My Decision

I am Rayaaz Sattaur. I was born in 1994, Canadian born and raised. Growing up, things came quite easily to me in school, I learnt and excelled with ease. Upon entering secondary school, the time came that we would have to decide what it is we wanted to do in life, a career choice. It was initially quite difficult for me to determine what it is I wanted to aspire to be. The suggestions always were to "pick something you're good at", or "do something you'll enjoy". Being "good" at most things made it even more difficult to narrow the choices down, but being told I can choose to do something I enjoy made it much simpler. My high school course choices were the biggest indicator, as I was into the arts, digital and traditional, and had taken a keen interest in Technological Design. It was in this class that I'd first experience the marvel of designing and creating buildings.

With the interest sparked, I found myself putting in extra effort to create designs in the class that were admired by my peers and teachers alike. It was fun to do this type of work. I was creating floor plans, elevations and rendering my design in Revit in the 12th grade. The skillset I had in hand were honed by my interest in drawing, and my nature for creating intricate and detailed work. I had finally found something I envisioned myself doing for a lifetime -- architectural work was a combination of something I was good at and was an endeavour I enjoyed thoroughly. From this point on, I had set my sights on Sheridan College, which was renouned for its course work and ability to cultivate students that would be ready for the field immediately upon graduation. Enrolling here provided an opportunity to further develop my skills, something I can proudly say I've managed to do.

The next step is to find a place of work where my skills can be put to productive use, and simltaneously evolve further.

Interests and Hobbies

As previously mentioned, I've a keen interest in the arts. Visualization is key component in architecture, and I find myself admiring the physicalities of the incredible structures that can be found around the world. I'm also a music enthusiast, listening to all kinds of music, but enjoying electronic music the most. I'm an avid reader, and occasionally write as well. I find it ideal to have many outlets of creativity in which I can express myself, which is why I took to writing and drawing not only architectural works, but anything of interest. I enjoy technology as well, playing video games and browsing the web often in my free time. There is much to learn online, and obtaining knowledge of all things is almost a hobby for me.