I was born in India's first heritage 600-year old walled city of Ahmedabad. Since childhood my life was surrounded by the perfect and stunning pieces of Ancient and Modern Architecture. Being close to the works done by Architects like Le Corbusier, Louis Khan, Charles Correa and B.V. Doshi, originated my passion for Architecture and Designing.

In 2019, I moved to Canada with the dream of becoming an Architect. Currently, I am pursuing Advanced Diploma  in Architectural Technology at Sheridan School of Architectural Technology.



Architecture is the art through which emotions and art is described. It is the bridge that bonds the emotions with living bodies through space and design. Each piece of architecture is an unique art that defines expression and feelings. It is architecture that allows to create different human experiences through wonderful play of spaces and structure. Thus, I am looking forward for an opportunity to learn, share, and gain new experiences, design techniques, and detail knowledge through teamwork.