About Me

I am a Architectural Technology co-op student in the 3-year program at Sheridan College. Set to graduate mid-August 2020, I am looking forward to bringing my skills into the work force and getting the opportunity to develop them in which ever industry I enter.

Being on the field and right in the midst of construction is where my passion lied in the industry. I hope to find a job that allows me to stay connected to field work and stay on-site as much as I can. My pasr work experience has really aided me in strengthening my problem solving, project management, and communitcations skills.
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Aside from construction and architecture, I spend my free time taking care of my health and cultivating my life to serve me in the best way possible. Whether that includes taking care of my health, constantly explore new art and music, investing time in my relationships with friends and family or acquiring new skills for my professional development, I love to do it all.