Studio 4 included assembling of an analysis report, design drawing and working drawing set for an office building. The drawing set was produced using AutoCAD 2014. This project incorporated Space Planning with specific commercial interior requirements. The proposed solution for this project was required to adhere to the Ontario Building Code regulations and Municipal by-laws. The requirements also listed integration of Structural, Mechanical and Electrical drawings as well as selection of appropriate building materials and assemblies. The information about various systems and material were used to detail the assemblies in full wall sections, and develop a representative set of selected working drawings.



Studio 5 project has an architectural intention, purpose and context as they are applied to a high density, five storey, multi-use, mid-rise urban infill building project. The project was designed using Revit 2014. It includes design of the public realm and existing urban design schemes (Mississauga Strategic plan), and  also addresses the issues of sustainability (energy, waste, and materials) in the initial stage. This project meets the requirements of current legislation (Ontario Building Code), Mississauga Downtown 21 Master Plan, and sustainability (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). A design report was assembled for this proposal to go into the next phase of development.



The Hillside Residence project was designed in Revit in order to learn the software in detail.











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