Neil Singh

19 Kimborough Hollow
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Amazon Plateau


The Amazon Plateau is a mixed use mid-rise commercial building situated in the Rathburn business district in Downtown Mississauga. It responds to the forces of both the bordering Civic and Future Sheridan College Quad series of buildings. Amazon Plateau was first inspired by the tropical rainforest, its design concept focuses on aspects of the rainforest that strengthens this connection. The project was done in my fifth semester Studio and explores urban interaction and design intentions.

Lakeview Lodge


Lakeview Lodge is a single-family detached home. Modeled in Revit, it is my first residential project done exclusively in Revit, design and presentation, to working drawings. The residence responds to the needs of a small family of accountant, high school teacher and toddler, each with their own requirments. The project was conceived during my fourth semester and was my introduction to Revit.

Koffler Institue


The Koffler Institue is an existing University of Toronto building in Downtown Toronto. It was modeled in my fourth semester Studio. It provided an exploration of space planning concepts, the site plan approval process, site grading and an introduction to urban design. My favorite challenge in the design of the building was the creation of an auditorium lecture hall and its complexities with regards to exiting and accessible design.