Alexander Strangemore 

StudioVisualization Renovation Interiors


Brampton Fire Station 204

Project Intent: Fire Fighters face many obvious dangers, but one not so obvious danger are the menial tasks that expose them to cancer causing agents daily. Equipment and vehicles covered in toxins are the agents that put these men and women at risk. Students were given an existing Fire Station and were appointed as the design lead in remodeling the station while keeping the risks associated with the job in mind.


Competition Project (Nomad House)

Project Intent: Students were tasked with researching Architectural Competitions that they would then design a project for. This competition was named "Nomad House" due to the idea that it's inhabitants would treat the building as a place to live and work for a short duration before moving on. Experience the beauty that is Singapore. Connect with likeminded individuals as you submerge yourself in the rich culture that the country provides. With the building and native landscaping of the site keeping you close with nature; you are never far from what life in Singapore has to offer.

Final Exam

Project Intent: Students were given a raw black, white and grey image and then asked to compose an archictectural collage as they see fit.


Teixeira Residence Renovation

Project Intent: Students were introduced to a real client that was interested in renovating their home. Meetings were arranged and conducted with the client to best understand their wants and needs.


Work/Live Artspace Studio Interior - Studio 5