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Studio 6 - Brampton 204 Fire Station

This Project was to address the concerns of the fire fighters working in the Brampton 204 fire station. Issues include lack of proper Decontamination and issues with the living spaces in the Fire station. For my Design I took a cost effective approach that included a small bump out for an improved living area and decontamination shower immediately off the apparatus bay. I than gave the front Facade a more modern feel and added appropriate sign-age.

Studio 5 - Sunward Flats
Partners: Elise Careau & Seena Tarahomi

For this project, we were to design an apartment/condominium building with store front on the lower level in Downtown Toronto on 1056 Queen St. West. We developed our Massing by considering the residential context of Fenning St. Vs the Down town environment of Queen Street and ensuring we preserved the tree on the back left of the site. We than sloped our front south facing facade to match the angle of the summer solstice to reduce solar gain.

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Studio 4 - Mississauga Community Center
Partners: Devon Klingenberg & Christian Downey

For this project we were to design a community center in Mississauga. For our project we started by establishing what our building needs to include. From there we developed our floor plans than developed our design.

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