Studio 2 - Residential

Studio 2 project is new residential construction. Project parameters were: Family of four (father, mother, son) needing a home to accomdate grandparents living in with a seperate entrance. Also to have at least one additional bedroom, incase the family decided to have another child.

First floor was raised and I used the slope of the lot to allow for a walk-out basement suite for the grandparents.

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Studio 5 - Mixed Use

Studio 5 project is a multi-use building in Mississauga in the Square One area. The building is to have a storefront on first floor, office space on second/third floor and senior residence of fourth/fifth floors. Our professor encouraged the class to not limit ourselves in construction techniques, but to express our concepts fully (a rarity in a technical program that I wanted to take advantage of).

My lot is located directly across the newly renovated Square One north entrance, an entrance that is entirely glazed and perfectly framed around my main facade. Also directly across the Mississauga Transit Terminal. A very high traffic area.

I choose to create an extremely recognizable facade, one that can easily be use a wayfinding point for pedestrians. As well as literally framed by the newly renovated Square One entry for shoppers.

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Detailing 2 - Commerical

Detailing 2 emphasis is on the technical components of a simple 9m by 9m commerical building (use of our choosing). But also as an excerise for hand drawing line work without the aid of ruler. At random, we were assigned a structure, facade and roof type. I was given engineered wood, HD resin panels and flat green roof.

I had choosen to do a daytime Yoga studio and night time dance studio with an emphasis on a calmer environment

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