The Majestic Residence


This design was intended for a computer visualization class. The objective was to meet the design criteria and participate in a design competition. The design competition that I have chosen to take part in is the Zero Energy Residential Unit in Egypt. This Residential unit is designed to be constructed in the Mediterranean climate region. The concept for my design was to create a modern aesthetic, single family home, with open concepts throughout the residential unit. In a overview the 3 -storey residential unit will have 3 Bedrooms each with an ensuite, walk in closets, Living room, Kitchen, Dining room, Large family room, Office and several balconies on each floor. With the spacious and large area the home serves, it can accomodate any families.


Meadowvale Theatre


This project was intended for a studio 6 class. Our task was to renovate the existing Meadowvale Theatre in Mississauga. We had to apply an addition to the existing building being mindful of the site setbacks. The addition created a more spacious rehearsal room, larger meeting room, and there now is a ticket booth in the vestibule located in the main entrance. From the exterior perspective the hexagonal extrusion LED screen panel displays will essentially illuminate the theatre.


134 Abington Ave


The objective of this project was to renovate the existing home.There was an addition towards the back of the home.


Sketches & Drawings