Studio 6 - Firehouse 204

For this project we were given the job of renovating an existing fire station in Brampton, Ontario. My design was meant to highlight the contamination zones of the fire station and create a clear separation between high risk areas and spaces that should not become contaminated at all. By achieving this, it created spaces that were safe for firefighters to relax and unwind after a long shift.

Studio 5 - Sunward Flats

Our task for this project was to take a vacant lot in downtown Toronto’s West end and create a low-rise condominium. With my group members, Elise Careau and Kyle Sweet, the form of our building was intended to relate to two site characteristics: the solar path and the neighbourhood context.

Building Renovations - The Tarahomi Home

This was the renovation project of my parents’ home designed with Elise Careau. The goal of this renovation was to create a more open concept ground floor plan, a full master bedroom on the second floor, and have the possibility of having a rental unit in the basement.

Visualization - Shipping Container MICROHOME

For this project, my group member, Elise Careau, and I were given the opportunity to design a compact home that was meant to be a sustainable and affordable solution to the traditional home. With the use of recycled shipping containers, along with other sustainable materials, this home generates a low-cost, low-maintenance, and low carbon footprint housing alternative.