Big Trout Lake Passive Home

The Passive Home in big Trout Lake was designed to maximize the use of solar energy. Utilizing concepts such as south orientating, maximizing glazing, shading devices, and log home construction, I was able to come up with a design that provided natural heating and cooling from solar angles and surrounding vegatation. The floor plans were laid out very carefully, placing high activity rooms on the south side to provide maximum sunlight in the cooler months.

I chose to do log construction due to the natural insulating rating of logs, and the astetic of the finish product. At the same time, i chose log construction due to the location. It is located up North in a froesty area surrounded by a lake. It would blend in to its surroundings nicely.

The whole house itself is quite small, totaling 150sqm.


The Thomson Residence

The Thomson Residence was a Project we did in our Rennovations class. We were to go find a client in the real world and test what we have learned in class on a real life situation. My group member and I found a client in a small town about an hour North of Toronto. The Site was the most unique part of the project, with it being just under a kilometer long and only 50 meters wide, with 70% of the lot Environmentally Protected. That meant that we had a lot of tall trees and vegetation to work around, but also had beautfil natural views on 3 of the 4 sides of the home.

We were given a list of things they wanted done and things they wanted left untouched, and over 2 month span, we came up with the solution in the spread above.


Lake View Home

This project was one of my personal favourites. We were given a lot of free reign when it came to the design as well as the size of the home.

We had to make sure we included certain rooms to make the house fit a specific client, and were given recommendatiosn as to which room should have which view.

With that information, we could then design to our hearts content.

Since the home was to be located in a area with lots of forest, a lake, and on top of a hill, I wanted it to feel natural, so my main focus was to include a lot of wood and stone materials, as well as create an open concept space inside that maximized the lake views in the back.

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