Bijan Tjahja


Visualization Technical Drawings



In a dedicated course, I've learned how to post produce base renderings into beautiful high quality images using Photoshop. I designed a two storey coffee shop at the base of Hyvjerfall Volcano in Iceland. I also took part in producing a set of renderings for Halton's road widening project of Trafalgar Road - an opportunity presented to us by the city of Halton.

       Trafalgar Road Rendering

          Wheat Boom Drive Rendering

                     Volcano Coffee Shop


Technical Drawings

Throughout my studies at Sheridan College, I've drafted several working drawings for a variety of different projects using Autodesk Revit. Some of which include a single storey fire station, a five storey mixed use condominium, semi detached home renovation, and an adaptive reuse project of an old stone mill.

       Queen Street Condominium

                Ninth Line Fire Station

                 Semi-Detached Renovation



AR/VR Research

I was hired by Sheridan College to assist in researching virtual and augmented reality technology. Figuring out how to incorporate the technology into the architecture program, I've had the chance to view several SketchUp models in Augmented Reality.

           Coffee Shop Hologram

                Piano Stage Hologram

                 Brick Assembly Hologram




"An idea is salvation by imagination." -Frank Lloyd Wright