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| Architectural Visualization

Featured Project: Museo Modular
Location: for Glassgow International Convention

Museums are becoming a platform to address climate and social issues. The proposal seeks to be a flexible ground made up of moving modules that allow for different space configurations. The museum’s core purpose is to support communal use for social gathering , cohesive learning and observing the most intricate display we are free to observe - the nature.

| Architectural Studio 6

Featured Project: Fire Station 204
Location: City of Brampton

We operate on a systematic approach and processes repeated everyday. Especially for firefighters who respond to dangerous situations 24/7.This renovation proposal for Fire Station 204 integrates a straightforward approach towards placement of rooms and redesigned interior spaces that identifies with each company using the facility. To complement the design, a striking red color is incorporated not only to designate spaces but also, add playfulness in and out of the building.

| Emerging Building Technologies

Featured Project: The Nest Pavilion
Location: Danforth and Byng Ave.

The "Nest" Pavilion is a 300 square-meter pavilion proposal serving not only as a communal park but also, a birdwatch facility. This proposal aims to form an organic connection from users to the chosen faunas and its habitat.

| Architectural Studio 5

Featured Project: The Hybrid
Location: 1056 Queen St. West
Collaborators: Pragya Pradhan + Priyanka Pradhan

The site, located at Queen St. West, is bounded by a main street and a lane. Surrounded by several small retail and commercial spaces, the sidewalks are often busy with pedestrians. The back part of the area are rows of residential houses with extensive rows of trees. Continuing and preserving this ecological feature is one of the key objectives for our 6-storey residential building.

| Architectural Studio 3

Featured Project: 101 Rathburn Road W.
Location: 101 Rathburn Road W.
Collaborator: Kamalpreet Kaur

A proposal for a commercial and office space to rise at 101 Rathburn West shows the use of emerging modern and simpler building finishes and materials. A detailed review of the use of space and building technologies are the main focus of this project.

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