Description: This project was an introduction to Autodesk Revit. The goal was to create a customized house for a single family residence while maintaining a 200 square meter area.
Designed by: Alhan Wahab
Software Used: Autodesk Revit



Description: The goal of this project was to replicate an existing house with a 3D model and capture realistic rendered images. The house chosen was to fill the requirement of specializing in sustainable architectural apects.
Original Architect: Frederico Zanelato
Drawn by: Alhan Wahab
Software used: 3ds Max Design, and Autodesk AutoCAD


Description: This renovation project included an extention to the rear end of the existing house and a new layout of the existing plans.
Designed by: Alhan Wahab and Shane Edwards
Software used: Sketch Up, Autodesk AutoCAD


Description: This assignment required space planning in order to complete a full set of working drawings for the Brock University Plaza project.
Designed by: Alhan Wahab, Shane Edwards, Christian Boquila, and Michael MacNeill
Software used: Autodesk AutoCAD