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My name is Evan Westerby, Recently I have completed the Architectural Technologist program at Sheridan College and am excited about starting my career in the industry. I would now like to welcome you to my website where you can see some of my previous work, look at my resume and hopefully learn a little bit about me.

"If we ever want to be remembered as designers, architects, or technologists we cannot just do it typical or normal, we must strive to imagine and design the impossible, and make the impossible possible, that is how we will be remembered"

- Evan Westerby

About me

I am 22 years old and I have lived in Brampton for the past 3 years while attending school at Sheridan College where I was enrolled in the Architectural Technologist program. Before I moved to Brampton however, I was born and raised in Muskoka Ontario. I lived in Muskoka for the first 19 years of my life with my Mother, father, and Brother.

Growing up in Muskoka gave me an extremely unique childhood. for most people Muskoka is a weekend vacation to paradise, for me however, it was my back yard where I learned to swim, ski, tube, barefoot and basically any and everything you could think of doing on the water. This is also the place where I began my interest in buildings, construction and design.

My father owned his own construction company "Westerby Home Improvement", so naturally I began to work for him getting experience in construction and the related fields, soon I noticed that I had a great interest for residential design as I would always pay close attention to large homes that we would work on and near. Soon it became time for me to choose a career and after discussing it thoroughly with some family members Architecture seemed to fit perfectly with everything that I wanted.




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