A selection of outstanding work by Malik Williams.



1. Relativity Residence:

Studio 5 - April 2017


Inspired by the awesome and unusual art style of M.C. Escher’s relativity, the Relativity Residence brings a new perspective to an artist’s ideal live-work space. The merge of modern architecture and the creativity of M.C. Escher’s artwork will spark a new flare to the city of Toronto. The expression of M.C. Escher’s artwork not only describes to its viewer the impossibly defining laws of gravity but also the different ideas and perceptions that defy the laws of artistry.




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2. The Williams House:

Building Information Modeling - September 2017


Welcome to the Williams House. This Custom home was made for a family of Three with each distinct characteristic reflected in the Williams House. The overall make of this house was to accommodate this families’ interests.






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3. The Passive House:

Advanced Residential Design - August 2018


Welcome to the Passive Haus where modern design meets passive solar techniques. For this class students were challenged with a final project to create a passive solar house with the necessary design principles learned throughout the course. Provided in this project are the various properties of the house that made it passive solar: a site analysis displaying the sun path as well as a wall section with solar angles correlating with day and season, materials that have significant R-value and systems that cut down on resources. Altogether many aspects were considered during the design process in regard to passive techniques to create a house that is ascetically pleasing and sustainable sound.






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4. The Sleek House:

Architectural Visualization - August 2018


Moving past the technical side of architecture, the class was given the opportunity to create a structure that will speak to an audience or a client visually rather than that of a construction company seeking working drawings. Each person was given the opportunity to enter a design competition of their choice and make a design according to the requirements of that competition respectively. The Sleek House was proposed to be entered into Inhaus Modular Design Competition in which contestants were asked to create a house using modularity.




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5. Ninth Cloud Community Centre:

Studio 4 - September 2017


Studio 4's Main project was to design a community centre as well as layout the entire site. This project provided much room to be creative and tested the ability of the class to think on a larger scale.

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