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Portrait: Coleman Wilson

My name is Coleman Wilson and I am completing the Architectural Technology Co-op program at Sheridan College. 

My interest in architecture began quite young, when I would challenge my brother to build a stronger LEGO wall than me - I always won. While I no longer challenge my brother, I do continue to use LEGO, particularly in the conception and design phases of my work, as you will see in my portfolio.  

For the past couple of years, in addition to completing my studies part-time, I have been working as an Intermediate Draftsperson with LMG Drafting & Design, and freelance designer. After my studies, I look forward to working directly with a licensed architect to understand more about the profession.

When I am not working or taking classes, I can usually be found practising guitar, digging around in my garden or tending to my collection of bonsai trees. In contrast to architecture, bonsai trees are never ‘completed’ and are always a work in progress. It takes patience, planning and imagination - all skills that contribute to making me a better designer.