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Family Cottage

Commissioned by the property owner, this family cottage is designed as a low-maintenance vacation home in the Almaguin Highlands region of Ontario. Aligning with the owner's values, the cottage uses passive solar design principles and is completely off-grid.

With three bedrooms, large picture windows facing the lake and a screened-in porch, the family will be able to get away to their cottage retreat and focus on what matters most, the time they spend with each other.

Construction of this family cottage began in the spring of 2021 and estimated completion date is summer 2022.

Cottage ground floorplan
Ground Floorplan
Cottage second floorplan
Second Floorplan
Cottage south elevation
South Elevation
Cottage 3D axonometric view from Southeast
3D Axonometric
Construction of cottage floor framing & beams
Floor Framing
Completion of cottage first floor wall framing
Wall Framing

Arctic Hotel

The new Arctic Sky Hotel at Ounasvaara Hill is a luxury retreat in the capital of Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi, and was designed as an entry for the Arctic Hotel Competition, hosted by Young Architect’s Competitions.

The hotel combines the simple elegance of contemporary Finnish design with spaces that blend into the surrounding landscape and offers unadulterated views of nature in every season. In an area known for its year-round natural attractions, guests of the hotel can soak in the rooftop hot tubs while taking in the summer’s midnight sun or sit by a warm campfire to glimpse the dancing northern lights in winter.

Built into the forested hillside, the Arctic Sky Hotel is designed to give each of the 30 guest suites an optimal viewing angle to watch the areas wildlife and natural wonders. All the hotel’s amenities, including a restaurant and conference centre, are designed to reflect the distinct Finnish countryside, culture, and values.

Designed summer 2021.

Exterior rendering of main entrance on a cool fall morning
Rendering: Fall Frost
Exterior rendering of restaurant & patio at night
Rendering: Winter Night
Exterior rendering of rooftop spa
Rendering: Rooftop Spa
Exploded axonometric diagram of glazing & greenroof areas
Exploded Axonometric
Small scale concept model
Concept Model

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Laneway House

Located in Toronto’s west end, this proposed laneway house would provide the owner with an desirable, detached rental suite on their property while still maintaining backyard space and privacy.

The laneway house employs many passive house design principles, like staggered double-stud wall construction and triple glazed windows. Spaces frequently used in the morning, like the kitchen, are located on the east side of the home, while those frequented in the evening, like the den and living room, are located on the west side.

The house also leverages the dominant wind patterns for cross-ventilation, older trees for shading and a combined heat pump/thermal mass system to regulate the temperature throughout the seasons.

Designed winter 2020.

3D axonometric views of east & west elevations
3D Axonometric
Laneway house site plan
Site Plan
Laneway house ground floorplan
Ground Floorplan
Laneway house second floorplan
Second Floorplan
3D axonometric & building section sun study diagrams
Sun Study Diagrams
Building section & construction details
Section & Details

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Exposure is a mid-rise residential complex designed as a live-work space for artist residents. With artist’s needs in mind, the building incorporates shared artist’s workspace, an art gallery and a cafe. Oversized, open concept floorplans allow for the flexibility of each resident’s needs, while also providing working niches for smaller, more reflective tasks.

Paying homage to the two major valleys in Toronto, Exposure takes the form of a lush valley nestled between two peaks. Public green space located at grade invites the public into the exposed interior structure featuring a glass bridge overhead.

Designed fall 2019 in collaboration with Bilaal Jokoo & Jerald Bezener.

Exterior rendering of building showing Fennings Street entrance
Rendering: Fennings St.
Concept sketches & models
Design Concept
South & west elevations
Ground & second floorplans
3D axonometric siteplan
3D Siteplan
Exterior rendering of building from Queen Street West
Rendering: Queen St.

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Tall Oaks Crescent

This modern/contemporary, semi-detached home is intended for owners looking to down-size while not comprimising on lifestyle. Double height, floor-to-ceiling living room windows open the home to the outdoors, bringing style to the otherwise sustainable design.

Large roof overhangs provide passive solar cooling in the summer while letting in warm sunlight in the winter. The inclusion of a greenroof and solar panels help capture the sun's energy and reduce heat island effect.

Designed summer 2015.

3D physical model showing front of semi-detached home
3D Model: Front
Small scale concept model
Concept Model
South & north elevations
South & North Elevations
West elevation
West Elevation
Ground & second floorplans
3D physical model showing rear of semi-detached home
3D Model: Rear

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