Ebenezer Daycare centre is a Studio 6 Main project where the daycare centre is added to the existing heritage community hall as heritage adaptive re-use. Above images are designed in Autodesk AutoCAD and modeled in Autodesk Revit.



Mill St. Renovation project is based on 100 years old house where the client wanted an addition on the side of the existing structure, increasing the square-footage of the house for addtional resale value. Floor plan and elevation are drawn in AutoCAD and was modelled in Revit for producing a schematic 3d images.

Download Full PDF Version credits to - Mark Anderson and Justin Won



As Sheridan grows in number of students, Davis campus lacks space for social engagement spaces. By providing an stage which will be ideal for holding any kind of school events, while not in use, students can use the stage and the vicinity as social engagement space, vitalizing the campus atmosphere.

Images above are modelled in sketch-up and rendered in Autodesk 3Ds Max. These base renders are then brought to Adobe Photoshop for post-production touches.



This is a project aside from school work that I have been involved in, as a voluntary project to help rebuild Nepal from the damages the country suffered from the earthquake.

Layout above is composed of joining 3 shipping containers into a triangle shape. Beauty of this shape is that it is flexble that these units can be joined to form an honey comb shape creating a hub-like townhouse where central space becomes a multi-purpose area for adjacent units or joined together to create strip of units like of North American Townhouses.



Bertazzoni Building is a commercial project done in Studio 4. It is a 4 storey building, first floor being the general retail floor, second being general office floor, third and fourth floor being occupied by Bertazzoni company. Any related plans for 3rd Floor and 4th Floorare done by me as other floors have been done by a different member.

Download Full PDF Version - credits to Mark Anderson, Myles Ramsey, Roman Krupa, Justin Won

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