Architectural Technologist, FMP




Semi-deteched House Design

Design for Elderly Living

Design Features:

  • Cross ventilation by providing windows on opposite sides of the walls;
  • Miantenance-free building materials;
  • Roof garden to reduce roof heat gain;
  • Maximum insulation for all exterior surfaces beyonged building code requirements;
  • Centralize design to reduce unnecessary ductwork;
  • Use water reduction faucets and toilets;
  • Zero step entrance.



Floor Plans


Building Sections




Queen St. Residence

Design Features:
  • The Queen St. Residence is designed to have one centralized
    core, 2 elevators and a U-shaped staircase behind with min.
    9.0m exit doorsin each side;
  • Residential units fit also within the width of the perimeter ring
    to allow for free easy access at different points. In our design
    the circulation is in the centre with residential units radiating
    from it. This is primarily due to the small size of the property
    in a high density urban context.
  • The entire building faces the sun path to gain as much sunlight
    as possible for all the units. The residential units are in different
    shapes with adjoining terrances and balconies to provide the
    residents with outdoor spaces. The odd shapes of the units will
    be attractive to thepeople in this community keeping the artistic
    ambiance of the space.






LAM RESIDENCE (6 South Ridge Rd, Caledon, ON)

The Objective:

Renovation to an existing estate residential home to streamline some of the day-to-day functional activities and to modify existing building to include a new entry way and a new in-law suite.

Town of Caledon Zoning Bylaw: RE-Estate Residential




Parametric Lantern Design - Emerging Building Technologies

The Goal of this course is to develop our critical thinking skills. Critical thinking involves understanding the link
between various thoughts and avtivities. Specifically, we shall reflect on the material and construction processes
which we employed to create our lanterns. We have to consider how Laser cutting and 3D printing has and will
change the construction industry.