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CADD32710 - Advanced Computer Applications

Course Week

(Semester week)

Outline of Topics Classroom Activities & Reading Assignments Tests/Exercises/Assignments
CAD / Computer Applications
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Intro to HTML and WWW

HTML format - the HTML 4.0 and HTML 5.0 Standard

Text - Lists - Anchor links in HTML

Link to Web distrib

Course Introduction

History of the Internet and the Web

Web content: HTML, Java, Javascript, Flash...

Reference: HTML 4.0 Tags

Web Page Structure

Exercise: First web page using Notepad and Editplus

Hand out Task 1
2 (9)

Working with CSS Styles


Professional Web Editors: Adobe Dreamweaver

Exercise 1: Using CSS Styles to control the appearance of a web site: The Frank Lloyd Wright book review site

Using tables for content placement.

3 (10)

Backgrounds and Colours

Images in HTML


Colour in Web Design - RGB Hexadecimal system

The "Safe colour" palette

Exercise 1 (continued): The Frank Lloyd Wright book review site


Hand out Task 2


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Transparent GIFs

GIF vs. JPEG vs. PNG

Exercise: Adding local links in documents

Icons and images

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Using CSS Elements

Using Adobe Photoshop to compress images for the web

Exercise 2: Building a Navigation menu using images

Portfolio Strategies

Hand out Final Project

Task 1: Submit Resume and related files on web server

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Using Lightbox

Using DWF and PDF

Exercise2: DHTML and programming behaviours in Dreaweaver

Advantages and disadvantages of CSS blocks

Exercise: AutoCAD Publish and Publish to Web

Portfolio Strategies

Task 2: Submit Portfolio and related files on web server
7 (14)

Image mapping

Link to Web distrib

Exercise 3: Building a Navigation menu using image maps

Exercise 3 due - submit the files to Trantor server (not SLATE)

Final Project: Submit Main Web Page and all other files on web server

Final Exam