Sheridan College
Architectural Technology
CADD32710 - Advanced Computer Applications

Task 01 - Resume Web Page


Transfer the text of your Resume into an HTML editor, and add the necessary tags to format the text into an HTML document. Publish the resulting HTML document onto your personal web space on trantor under the filename resume.html.

MAKE SURE THE NAME IS resume.html and that it is on the ROOT folder of your configured dreamweaver local site!

Scope of Work:

  1.  Format your resume as a simple HTML document.
  1.  Adjust the HTML document colours, background, and title.
  1.  Add local references to your HTML document, and a local navigation system to jump within the document.
  1.  Make sure the resume is readable in both Chrome (or Firefox) and Explorer browsers.

Attached Documentation:

Submission Requirements:

Submit the file named "resume.html" to your personal trantor site, and copy the "img" folder with all its files to your trantor site as well. 

Your resume page should be fully accessible from anywhere on the Internet by entering the URL:

where xxxxxxxx is your CAD Lab Login id.

Note: If your resume is not accessible from the above URL, the Instructor will not be able to grade the file, and you will be given a zero for the assignment.

The files will be reviewed and automatically copied off the trantor site at the due date and time. Make sure all your files are correct and on the trantor site by the due date. Any late submissions will not be accepted, for any reason.

Due Date: 

Friday, Week 5 (12), before 10 pm.

Evaluation Scheme:
 Evaluation Component
 Resume format (70%)
     Proper text HTML tags and use of CSS in document body
     Resume Organization, look and feel
  Navigation and local links (30%)
    Proper use of anchor tags - Navigation to resume sections from top of document and back